Space Exploration

  • NASA’s going back to Venus

    Two new missions to our sister planet will launch within a decade.

    NASA is on a mission (two missions, actually) to discover what turned Earth’s “sister planet”, Venus, into the hellis...

    News June 3, 2021
  • ISS struck by space junk

    International Space Station’s robotic arm punctured by mystery object.

    Space can be an unforgiving environment, even for a spacecraft. The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) has just reported tha...

    News June 2, 2021
  • Snapshot

    Just a little perseverance

    Much of what NASA’s achieving through the Mars 2020 mission will likely inform future exploration...

    By Tory Shepherd. Master and apprentice, the Mars rover Perseverance took this April 6 selfie with Ingenuity after...

    Image of the Day June 1, 2021
  • This week on Mars

    Clouds, wobbles and first drives!

    In March, Curiosity sent back 21 individual images that show some very high-altitude clouds. The NASA team has sti...

    News May 31, 2021
  • Building a radio telescope on the dark side of the Moon

    It sounds like sci-fi, but a robotics team is planning how rock-climbing robots can build a radio...

    In the not-too-distant future, a spacecraft touches down on the rim of a massive crater on the far side of the Moon. ...

    Space May 28, 2021
  • This week on Mars

    China’s Zhurong rover prepares to get to work.

    This week has been a busy one on the Red Planet – last Saturday morning, Australian time, China became the third coun...

    News May 23, 2021
  • What risks do humans face in space?

    Aerospace medicine expert chats about the challenges of interplanetary travel.

    It was quite the job ad when NASA started looking for astronauts for its Moon to Mars mission. They’re searching for ...

    News May 22, 2021
  • Zhurong rover sends first pictures of Mars

    The Chinese Mars rover sends two images (and a video).

    The landing capsule moves away from the orbiter, a precursor to the first pictures Zhurong will send from the surface...

    News May 20, 2021
  • Will there be wars in space?

    Experts say we can no longer consider space neutral territory.

    Australia can no longer assume that space is a peaceful place, one of the country’s top space analysts says, as the A...

    Space May 17, 2021
  • Rocket debris draws international criticism

    Remnants of China’s biggest rocket splashdown in the Indian Ocean.

    A large, uncontrolled piece of rocket debris hurtled towards Earth over the weekend – more than 20 tonnes travelling ...

    News May 12, 2021
  • Voyager 1 hears plasma ‘hum’

    The distant space probe has found a signal from the interstellar gas.

    The most far-travelled thing humans have ever made, Voyager 1 is still transmitting trinkets of information to Earth....

    News May 11, 2021
  • The search for alien life

    New technologies and techniques are searching for signs of alien life as never before. What and w...

    In the midst of lockdown, a voice echoed in my headphones from a world away, carefully explaining to me that one of t...

    News May 10, 2021
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